Color Glo International Malaysia

We specialize in restoring and repairing all types of damaged, mismatched, dirty, faded upholstery found in the home, office, automobile, private or commercial aircraft, boats and commercial seating venues. In addition Color Glo offers re-dying services when a color change is desired.

Color Glo has serviced hundreds of clients in commercial facilities including theaters,auto dealerships, office buildings, marinas, schools and colleges, retail stores, restaurants, hotels, apartment buildings, homes and more. Our process uses specially formulated proprietary water based and environmentally friendly, non flammable, odor free products.

Our History

Since its beginning in 1972, Color Glo has become the recognized leader in the mobile automotive reconditioning industry. Founded by Everett Smith to address the growing demands of an industry that was growing each year, Color Glo has from the very beginning been the benchmark of this industry. Having being involved in the reconditioning industry for years, Mr. Smith knew that the existing products were not of the quality. He would need to build a strong and successful brand so although it was very costly and challenging, he decided that for his company the only direction that would satisfy his pursuit of perfection and quality was to formulate his own line of exclusive and proprietary products. Therefore, Color Glo opened their own research and development labs to formulate the best products within this industry.

He hired chemists that had strong backgrounds in new product formulation and research. And over a period of several years, his team developed the original Color Glo proprietary line of restoration and repair products. Today the original 8 products in the line has grown to over 100 and each of those products is developed and selected to work seamlessly within the Color Glo system. Today over 30 years later, it has grown from an idea to an International operation that encompass the globe. The corporate headquarters are located in Minneapolis MN, only a few miles from the first location. Over the years, Color Glo has been recognized over and over again by national as well as International publications for the excellent product value and quality of the services that are offered. There have been a number of key dates in the history of CGI and we are proud to list them out below:

World Class Franchise

1972   Founded in Minneapolis
1975   After three years of development first fully water based synergistic repair and restoration developed
1975   First operator for CGI started in USA in Minneapolis MN Over the next decades CGI has grown to hundreds of operations spanning the entire globe
1980   Canada
1999   Japan
2000   Caribbean, Malaysia
2001   UAE, Saudi Arabia, Quater
2002   Thailand, Singapore, South Africa
2003   Ireland, Puerto Rico
2004   New Zealand
2005   Korea, Spain, Italy, Romania, Germany
2006   Africa, Portugal
2007   Israel, Ukraine, Australia, Hungary, Mexico
2008   Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Russia, Belgium, Netherlands
2009   Kazakhstan
2010   India, Hong Kong, Greece
2012   Cyprus, Nigeria, Jordan

Our Certificates