Would you like your vehicle to look even better than when you first brought it home? Just like the exterior of a vehicle, the interior too requires specialised detailing. Color Glo offers patented interior re-conditioning treatment packages for your vehicles. Whether it’s the leather, alcantara/suede, vinyl, carpet or plastic surfaces, Color Glo has the best professional products for every need.

We rejuvenate surfaces and protect them from future damages as well as restore any aged looking surface into OEM factory and brand new finishes.

Color Glo re-conditioning should only be performed by Color Glo International certified experts and applicators.

Main Features

Cleaning and

Thorough cleaning of built up soiling, newsprint ink or ink stains, removing simple scuffs, applying a final coat of leather protective all within Color Glo recommended techniques, products and professions.

Bringing back
Resiliency and Protect

FAA compliant AGE STOP anti UV protective coating will be applied to all suitable surfaces to prevent future damages and scuffs. Patented AGE STOP coating prevents liquid and stains from being absorbed by materials, while maintaining original surface finish and texture.

Damaged Areas

Many times faded colours, damaged surfaces from scuffs, scratches, holes, and cracking can be repaired to a like new condition. This would include leather, vinyl, hard plastics, and alcantara. These areas are then redyed back to an original and factory colour.


It is common that through heavy usage, stains, pollution, and smoking, vehicles often lose its factory smells and absorb several unpleasant smell. These unpleasant smells are able to be removed sometime close to 99% through Color Glo deodorised products.

Worn Areas

It is very common thru wear and tear or high usage that many high wear areas such as seat arm rests, upper back cushions have the actual factory coating worn thin or all the way through the actual finish coating thus exposing the actual leather to premature wear and leaving it unprotected from the elements. Cleaning, repairing surfaces and redyeing with multiple coats of finish will bring these areas back to alike new or factory condition.

Surface Expert

Interior and surface materials are the bread-and-butter of Color Glo operations. Our ISO certified team takes good care of various surfaces, from leather to plastic to headlights.