Have you ever been told to repair an interior part by purchasing a new part either from the factory or second hand market? All at a discouraging and great cost. We aim at fixing any piece of a vehicle interior resulted from every day wear and tear or accidental damage so customers do not need to overspend for unnecessary replacement. Color Glo offers ISO patented products combined with experienced methodology and skilled to fix any damages to factory finish.

Main Feature

Repairing Worn Areas. It is very common thru wear and tear or high usage that many high wear areas such as seat arm rests, upper back cushions have the actual factory coating worn thin or all the way through the actual finish coating thus exposing the actual leather to premature wear and leaving it unprotected from the elements. Cleaning, repairing surfaces and redyeing with multiple coats of finish will bring these areas back to alike new or factory condition.

Repairing Damaged Areas. Many times faded colours, damaged surfaces from scuffs, scratches, holes, and cracking can be repaired to a like new condition. This would include leather, vinyl, hard plastics, and alcantara. These areas are then redyed back to an original and factory colour.

Repairing Sticky Buttons and Panels. The heat from the sun that we can no longer avoid is ruining the top layer of the panels and buttons. This would cause the whole area to become sticky. These areas will then be cleaned, repaired and redyed back to it’s original and factory colour.